Mother’s Day Bagel Board + Latte + Plant

Celebrate Mom on May 12th with a delicious bagel board, an iced latte, and a flowering plant! Choose from two different bagel boards, your choice of an iced latte with different flavors and milks, and pick everything up on Saturday, May 11th with your plant! If you want to add additional iced lattes, click here!

With each order, you get one bagel board to create four mini bagels and one iced latte. The savory bagel board includes ingredients to create Lox and Avocado toast bagels. The Veggie bagel board includes ingredients to make Avocado toast, strawberry cream cheese, and mixed fruits and vegetables.

How to Order and pickup your Bagel Board, Latte, and Plant

  • Place your order for your bagel board and latte selections before May 8th.
  • We’ll get everything created for you on Saturday, May 11th.
  • You pick up your bagel board, latte, and potted plant on Saturday, May 11th between 4pm and 7pm from Plants + Coffee

How to store and prepare your Bagel Board and Lattes

  • As soon as you get home, put the bagel board and lattes in a refrigerator for the night. Hide the plant somewhere safe!
  • On Sunday morning, pull the bagel board out about 15 minutes before you’re ready to serve Mom her breakfast in bed.
  • Slice and toast your bagels.
  • Create your bagel board with the available toppings.
  • Grab your lattes from the fridge and add ice.
  • Serve and enjoy!
  • Find the plant that you hid and give that to Mom while she’s eating!



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